'Skint & Minted Cabarets' - Filthy McNasty's, 2002 (x)

No one got it right, no one got it wrong
Live outside your head, live inside a song
Oh love, those long lost weekdays spilling over me
And your outlines are all I can see

The Libertines, 2002

"What irritates you most about Alex?"

Matt: He’s always late. He’s like clockwork in his lateness. Yesterday in Southhampton, the bus was picking us up at half 12 at the hotel to go to the venue, and [tour manager] Timm phoned him, goes, ‘Al, where are you? The bus is here.’ Everybody knew what time they had to be down there. He said, ‘I’m watching Danger Mouse’. He was still in bed.

@noelfielding11: Holiday art x

Friends in production, June 1, 1995

October 18, 1993: Backstage at London Fashion Week. Photo by Dave Benett


the 2 coolest human beings in the world ever