Seeing this made me smile today. 


This is officially my favourite gif set ever

Alan McGee's recent interview for

  • Interviewer: Out of Jesus and Mary Chain, Oasis, and The Libertines, who partied hardest?
  • Alan McGee: The Libertines. They’re mental. Pete Doherty’s got the constitution of an ox. The Mary Chain partied, but they’re normal people. Oasis partied, but they’re basically normal people. Pete Doherty partied and I don’t actually know how he’s still alive. I mean The Mary Chain are animals, they’re still at it, but they’ve also got families and normal lives. I don’t think Pete Doherty has a normal life in that way. He is Pete Doherty 24/7. I’m not putting him down; that’s just how he is.


“Don’t pack up your camera until you’ve left the location.” Joe McNally

Parting shots from Mont Saint-Michel.

This is Normandy!

Jim Morrison and François Truffaut visit the set of Peau d’Âne (1970)