Serge Najjar aka serjios from To Boxes and Lines series 

"We talk about the past, hysterically, and we tell each other how all of this is strange and fantastic. At times there is no one else who I connect with this much. With Carl, I know that… there are things that nobody else can give, a high level of understanding, a way to remember things, because at the time, we saw things the same way, a way that nobody else felt, a way nobody else shared with us, and really I can talk about that with only him. Strangely, he really knows me. I’ve forgotten that someone in this world could understand me so much. It is mysterious, comforting and beautiful, and I hadn’t really noticed it before. I’m happy to understand that now. I am much happier. It was such a chaotic…"
- Pete Doherty, Rock & Folk Magazine, October 2014 (via doctortomblands)

Buildings in Achrafieh

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Hi guys! Just a quick word to say I can’t be online as much as I’d like atm. I just moved to Beirut and the Wi-Fi here isn’t really tumblr-friendly. Hopefully, it’ll be better in a few weeks! 

(Pictured : View from my rooftop in Furn El Shebback!)

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Seeing this made me smile today.